Tuition Refund Chart

Tuition charges/refunds are pro-rated according to the date you withdraw or discontinue and the percentage outlined by the Tuition Refund Chart.

Fall Semester 2018 Tuition Refund Chart

Discontinuance Date Tuition Charged Tuition Refunded
Through September 11 None 100%
Sept 12 - Sept 23 15% 85%
Sept 24 - Oct 28 25% 75%
Oct 29 - Nov 12 50% 50%
Starting November 13 100% 0%

The process of calculating and adjusting tuition takes approximately 2-3 weeks. If it has been longer than 2-3 weeks and you still haven't heard about a refund, contact OneStop Student Services (801-422-4104, D-155 ASB). 

NOTE: If you have a scholarship or financial aid, the tuition will be refunded to those programs, and you may not personally receive any refund. If discontinuance causes you to become ineligible for the aid, you will be responsible for any pro-rated tuition charges according to the date of your withdrawal or discontinuance.

We recommend setting up direct deposit on My Financial Center in order to receive your refund in the quickest way possible.

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