After you get your mission call and before you leave on your mission, you will need to submit the online missionary deferment form. Submitting this form holds your place at BYU so you can register for classes when you return. The deferment form will also defer any on-campus scholarships received so you can have them when you come back (it does not defer athletic or off-campus scholarships).

Deadlines for submitting mission deferment:

The deferment has to be submitted before the end of the semester you are due to enroll. This policy is the same for all students.  Whether you are a newly admitted or a continuing student, the deferment must be completed and submitted to the university before the end of the semester you were supposed to be enrolled.

  • Note: Students who are admitted for spring or summer term will have until the end of fall semester to submit their deferment.

Check out the OneStop Missionary Checklist for a full list of tasks you need to do before leaving on your mission in addition to your missionary deferment form.

Click the do it button to fill out the missionary deferment form. Make sure you read the instructions on the deferment carefully so you understand all the terms and conditions.