Beginning of Semester Checklist

School is coming up fast! Whether it's your first or last semester, this list will help you start the year off without a hitch!

Plan with Your Academic Advisor

If you have basic questions regarding your academic planning, use MyMAP. It is designed to help you plan and organize your classes according to university core and specific major requirements.

If you have more questions and you want to talk to an academic advisor, schedule an appointment with your College Advisement Center. 

Contact My Advisor

Resolve Holds

There are a number of circumstances that might place a hold on your account and prevent you from registering.

  • To see if you have any registration holds, check the Student Summary tab or Register tab in MyMap.
  • If a “yes” appears in the Holds box, click the “yes” for information about the holds on your account and contact the appropriate offices to get them resolved.
  • Financial holds can be resolved on the My Financial Center home page.
  • You can find an explanation of common registration holds here

Allow up to 30 minutes for your hold to be released after it's resolved so you can register for classes.


Register for Classes

For a step-by-step process to help you register for classes this semester, visit our Register for Classes Checklist

If you haven't selected a major yet and aren't sure what classes to register for, don't worry. The University Advisement Center has resources to help you choose a major.

Note: When you’re ready to declare your major, contact your college advisement center to officially declare.

Choose a MajorCollege Advisement Centers


Apply for Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Checklist takes you through the process of applying for federal financial aid and can help you find answers to your financial aid questions without waiting in line or on the phone.

Pay Tuition & Other Charges

Tuition deadline: 7 calendar days before classes start
Preferred method of payment: online e-payment (e-check or credit card)

  • If you don’t pay tuition by the tuition deadline a hold is placed on your registration and you cannot register for more classes.
  • If you don't pay by the add/drop deadline (final tuition deadline), all your classes may be dropped. Here is a Tuition Deadline Schedule and Tuition Fee Schedule to help you plan.
  • If money from your scholarship or financial aid has not come in by the tuition deadline, you still need to pay. If you are short on cash and need to buy a little time, BYU can help!  You can apply for a BYU Short-Term Loan to give yourself a extra time to acquire the money. BYU short-term loans have an additional $20.00 processing fee, and are interest free if paid back by the deadline.

You can pay tuition, health plan charges, program fees, housing, meal plans and other miscellaneous charges online through My Financial Center. You can also see a history of charges and payments to your account.

Note: Avoid a 2.0% processing fee when you use a credit card by paying your charges online with a free e-check. All you need is your bank account and routing number (which you can find at the bottom of a check or by calling your bank).

My Financial Center

Getting Your Scholarship Money

Getting your money from scholarships depends on the type of scholarship you received:

  • If you received a BYU scholarship, it will automatically be applied to your student account to pay for tuition as long as you meet all eligibility requirements.
  • If you received an off-campus scholarship it will be applied to your account soon after we receive a check from your scholarship donor, and as long as you meet all eligibility requirements (off-campus scholarship eligibility requirements are different from BYU scholarship eligibility requirements).
  • If you received a departmental scholarship, contact the college department directly for information regarding that scholarship.
  • Excess money from scholarships (if any) will be refunded beginning the 3rd day of classes. We recommend setting up direct deposit for faster delivery.

Applying for Scholarships

The deadline to apply for scholarships for the next academic year is February 1st.Scholarship Information

Buy Textbooks

My Book List is an online list of all the textbooks you will need for your current class schedule. You can also search the system to find out which books are required for any particular course. Many textbooks can even be purchased online.

You have the option of charging textbook purchases to your student account: just show your BYU ID at the textbook floor register at the time of purchase. The amount charged to your student account has to be repaid within 45 days of the purchase.

Waive or Pay for Student Health Plan

Students enrolled 3/4 time or more (9 semester credits/4.5 term credits) are required to have health insurance coverage year-round.  You are automatically enrolled in BYU's Student Health Plan one week before classes start if private insurance has not been reported. Private insurance plans from companies outside the United States will not be accepted. However, if you have your own ACA compliant health insurance from a United States-based insurance company you will need to waive the health plan online to avoid paying for the BYU Student Health Plan. 

New students coming for the fall semester can waive the BYU student health plan at the beginning of August. Those coming for winter, spring or summer semester will have access to waive the plan approximately 1 month prior to classes starting. The deadline to waive the BYU Student Health Plan is the semester add/drop deadline. 

Tipyou will need to re-waive the Student Health Plan every fall semester by the add/drop deadline to avoid being charged.

Waive Student Health Plan Health Plan Questions

Choose Transportation Options

 BYU has several options for you to get around. If you choose to bring a car, be sure to register and pay for your permit before the semester begins.

Transportation OptionsRegister/Pay for Vehicle

Select Your Housing

Remember, single undergraduate students are required to live either in on-campus housing or BYU contracted off-campus housing. Housing availability can be checked by visiting their websites.

If you are living at home (not in BYU contracted housing) you are required to submit a non-compliance waiver. Waivers can be found on the Off-Campus Housing website.

Off-Campus Housing OfficeOn-Campus Housing Office

Use Cougar Cash

Cougar Cash is great way to pay for purchases or fees on campus using your BYU ID card.  You can view the Cougar Cash FAQ for more information. 

The benefits of using Cougar Cash include no sales tax, printing on campus, and easy access to vending.

Cougar Cash cannot be used to pay for tuition and fees. Fees include:  class fees, student loans, health center fees and insurance, and traffic and parking fees.

Add Cougar Cash