Zimride has replaced the old BYU Rideboard that used to be located in the bottom of the Wilkinson Center.

If you need a ride to your hometown, road trip destination, or popular event, Zimride will connect you with other people at BYU who are traveling the same direction you are.  You can ride in their car and split the cost of gas.  Or, if you have a car and are planning a trip, put it on Zimride and see if you can get riders willing to come with you and split your cost of gas. 

Please Note: BYU OneStop is not the official Zimride Rideboard. Zimride requires you to have a Net ID to post information, making the ride arranging experience safe and secure.  BYU OneStop is not a secure place to arrange your rides, so keep that in mind if you choose to post ride information here.  We recommend logging into the official Zimride website to post your rides instead.

Click the do it button on the left to login to Zimride.