The Scholarship Contract allows you to take less than the required credit hours to maintain a scholarship, if you meet one of the conditions below. The do it button will take you to your scholarship summary page. Select Manage Scholarship on the current year, then select the type of contract you want to submit. This contract will automatically apply to your scholarship conditions. If you change your mind, you will need to contact us through YMessage.

28-Hour Alternative

The scholarship contract gives you some flexibility in scheduling classes to suit your needs but still allows you to maintain your BYU scholarship.

You can contract to complete 28 credit hours during consecutive fall and winter semesters (within the same academic year); however, you can't take fewer than 12 credits during either semester.  For example, you can contract to take 15 credit hours fall semester and 13 credit hours during winter semester, or 12 credits one semester and 16 credits the next, etc.

Spring-Summer Scholarships

The credit requirement for students who have received Spring-Summer scholarships from BYU is .5 credits; no scholarship contract is required. You will receive your scholarship (prorated) as long as you take at least .5 credits. Contact OneStop Student Services if you have specific questions about how your Spring-Summer scholarship will apply to your student account.  

Graduating Option

You can submit the contract to request a reduction in the minimum credit hour requirement (14 credits) during your final enrollment prior to actual graduation (unless you are obligated by contract to take more).

Your scholarship will be prorated. For example, if you have a half tuition scholarship and contract to complete 6 credit hours during your last enrollment, the scholarship will pay 50% of the tuition charges for 6 credit hours.

Click the do it button to complete the scholarship contract online.