The Student Health Center has full time clinicians who are available at the health center every day, except Sunday.  These clinicians are particularly sensitive and good at dealing with the common issues for college age students.  The Student Health Plan provides quality and quantity of services available at very affordable rates.

Enroll in the Student Health Plan:

For more information, click here to see the current BYU Student Health Plan handbook with a list of coverage and cost information.

Click the do it button to see your current health coverage information, to choose the student health plan, or to waive the student health plan.

Waive the Student Health Plan:

BYU students enrolled 3/4 time or more (9+ credits) are required to have health insurance year round. Each student is automatically enrolled in BYU's Student Health Plan one week prior to classes starting if private insurance has not been reported.

If you are already covered by a different health insurance plan, you can waive the BYU Student Health Plan. To waive the plan, log on to myBYU, access "My Financial Center" and at the top of the page select "My Accounts". Next select "Health Coverage" and then select "Request Waiver". Click on "Update Waiver Request" and fill in your private insurance information and click on "Submit Waiver Request". The Health Plan Office will review your waiver request and send you a communication back through myBYU. Once your request is granted the charge will be removed from your financial account. This may take up to 2 business days. Throughout the academic year, the Student Health Plan Office contacts insurance companies to verify the waiver information we receive from students. If your information is incorrect or cannot be verified, you will be contacted by YMessage and may be enrolled on the Health Plan.

You can do this for fall semester at the beginning of August or after the first day of classes for other semesters.

You will need to waive the plan every fall semester (before the add/drop deadline).
Before you waive the plan, do your research to see if your current coverage really is a better deal.  The Student Health Plan is known for the quality and quantity of services available at very affordable rates.