We recommend that each student manages their own student account but understand there are cases where it is necessary for a parent, spouse or other third-party to access information or complete transactions on your behalf. 

Guest Access allows you to give another person access to your BYU account. You can grant access to selected accounts including your Academic, Financial, and Personal accounts. Additionally, you can establish approved modes of access, including online or "Web access" and/or "Telephone/In-person access".

Note: we will not discuss your account or records with your parent, spouse or other third party unless Guest Access is granted.

Granting Access

1. The person you want to have access to your account is required to have their own Net ID.

  • Click to create a Net ID.

    • (Tip: Make sure you are not logged in to myBYU if your delegate is creating a Net ID on your computer. You have to log out first in order for this to work.)

2. Go to guestaccess.byu.edu to access Guest Access and continue through the screens as prompted.

  • You will be able to choose which areas your delegate should have access to, and whether they should have web access and/or telephone and in person access.
  • When access has been granted your delegate will receive an email that requires him/her to accept the invitation and create a security phrase.

3. Your designated guest will receive an email and must follow all the instructions provided to set up a Telephone Access Phrase.

  • Guests will need to use this phrase every time they call us to get help on your account and information.

You can view the names of people who have access to your account in My Guests on guestaccess.byu.edu.

Using Guest Access

Once Guest Access has been granted, you can go to guestaccess.byu.edu to access the account you have been granted Guest Access for. From this page, you can access important aspects of the account which may include registration through MyMAP, My Financial Center, financial holds, tax information, personal contact information, or many other things.

In addition to online access, if you were granted Telephone/In-Person Access, you can get help with the account you have access to. You can either come in to OneStop or call us with questions you may have. If you need to contact us over the phone, make sure you know the Telephone Access Phrase that is listed on guestaccess.byu.edu.

Click the Do It button to set up or use Guest Access.