Missionary Checklist

Congratulations on your decision to serve a mission! As you prepare to leave, there are some things you need to take care of to ensure a smooth return to BYU.

You can also attend or watch our Missionary Deferment Workshop for valuable information about missionary deferments. The workshop walks you through the important things you need to know and do before, during, and after your mission.

Apply for a Missionary Deferment

You must complete the online missionary deferment to defer both enrollment and BYU academic scholarships without having to reapply to the university.

Mission Deferment

Set Up Guest Access

We recommend that students manage their own student account but understand there are cases where it is necessary for a parent, spouse or other third-party to access information or complete transactions on your behalf. Guest Access allows you to give another person access to your BYU account.Guest Access

Defer Federal Loans

If you took out a federal student loan for school before your mission, you will go into repayment while on your mission. Please contact your lender directly to notify them of your plans and to ask about loan repayment options. Most lenders will happily work with you to make arrangements. 

Federal Student Aid

Defer Scholarships

By submitting the deferment, the fall/winter portions of on-campus academic scholarships you are offered will be deferred until you return. Check with your department for other awards.

Off-campus scholarships can be deferred (for missionaries only) as long as your donor approves. Your donor needs to send us documentation that they approve for us to apply your funds to a future semester. Donors can send deferment approvals to scholarshipprocessing@byu.edu.

Notify your Housing Unit or Landlord

Make arrangements by either petitioning for an on-campus housing contract or potentially selling your housing contract if you have one that conflicts with your mission call. 

On-Campus Housing Petition

Review your Student Account

Before leaving on your mission, please review and ensure all charges are paid on your My Financial Center account. Past due balances would likely go to collections while you are gone. 

If you have any reoccurring charges, like a BYU Health Plan, you'll want to cancel those!

My Financial Center

Update Mailing Address and Email

BYU will likely need to communicate with you while you're on your mission it's important that you update your addresses to an address that you or someone else will be checking regularly.

Contact Information

Deferring as an International Student

Contact the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) Office at (801) 422-2695 to check on any special concerns and needed actions before you defer for a mission.