There are different reasons why you may need to drop your classes. If you have an extenuating circumstances, such as medical reasons, you can fill out the Pro-Rated Tuition Exception form.* You must include any relevant documentation, such as a doctor’s note, with your petition. The committee rarely removes the charges entirely, however they may reduce them.

If your medical petition is approved you typically receive an 85% reduction in the original tuition charge. Students who withdraw from Fall 2017 classes on or before September 24th are already receiving an 85% reduction in tuition; therefore, submitting a medical petition is not necessary.

Please be aware that if you fail to include a doctor’s note for a medical petition it will result in a denial of the petition.

*If you're using Mozilla Firefox, download the form first to enable the interactive form features.

Click the Do It button on the left to access the exception form. Submit the form to Student Financial Services in A-153 ASB, or through YMessage, or email it to (scanned with supporting documents).