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First Things First - MyMAP

MyMAP is what BYU students use to plan for, organize, and register for courses. To access MyMAP click the do it link on the 'login to MyMAP' task below.

MyMAP combines features from the progress report, university catalog, class schedule, Major Academic Plans (MAPs), and registration system. It’s a simple and useful tool to help you plan and register. You can learn how to use MyMAP by watching tutorials here.


While MyMAP is a helpful tool to plan out an academic career, it is not the official progress report for graduation. You'll need to review your progress report or university catalog to see complete graduation requirements.

Dates and Deadlines

Click here for a list of important registration dates and deadlines.

View the university Academic Calendar by clicking the do it link on the 'academic calendar' task below.

Resolve Holds

There are a number of circumstances that might place a hold on your account and prevent you from registering.

  • Check the Student Summary tab in MyMAP under the Profile section to see if you have any registration holds.
  • If a “yes” appears in the Holds box, click the “yes” for information about the holds on your account and contact the appropriate offices to get them resolved.
  • Financial holds can be resolved on My Financial Center home page.
  • You can find an explanation of common registration holds here

Allow up to 30 minutes for your hold to be released so you can register for classes.

Registration Date

You are given a registration priority date based on the number of credits completed through your most recent semester.

  • When your priority date is assigned, you can view your specific registration priority date on the ‘Register’ tab of MyMAP, or click here to see a list of general priority registration dates for the upcoming major semester.
  • You can begin registering at 12:01 am of your assigned priority registration date, which may not be a bad idea in case the class you want fills up fast.

Note: New freshman starting Spring/Summer will be eligible to register as soon as they are notified of acceptance to BYU.

Plan Your Schedule

It always helps to have a plan, and with MyMAP you can plan out your schedule for your entire time at BYU according to your major, minor and general elective requirements.

Go to the ‘Plan’ tab on MyMAP to start planning your schedule, and then go to the ‘Organize’ tab to organize your classes according the semester or term you want to take them.

  • If you need help, you can watch a tutorial about using the ‘Plan’ and ‘Organize’ tabs here.

Your Major Academic Plan (MAP) lists requirements for your specific major as well as university core requirements, and suggests a sequence for taking classes. It can be a big help to you as you plan the courses you want to take. Search for your MAP here, or access it from MyMAP.

  • If you have additional questions about what classes to take to fulfill requirements, contact your specific college advisement center by clicking the do it link on the 'find academic advisement' task below.


If you already planned and organized your schedule using MyMAP, it’s easy to register for the classes you planned for the upcoming semester by going to the planned courses section of the ‘Register’ tab.

Or, from the ‘Register’ tab you can click on the semester or term you want to register and then click ‘Add a Class’. Learn more about registering by watching this short tutorial.


  • Make sure you read the information in the class schedule about each class so you don’t make any mistakes while registering. For example, some class sections might be for specific majors only, might have a different emphasis, or may require a pre-requisite. Click the do it link on the 'view university class schedule' task below to view the current class schedule.
  • Some classes may require a permission-to-add code in order to register. Learn more about permission-to-add codes.

If the section of the class you want is full, most (not all) classes give you the option of signing up for a waitlist.

  1. Waitlisting a class gives you a chance to get into the class in the event that someone else drops out of it.
  2. The system will automatically enroll you in the waitlisted class if someone drops it, and as long as you don’t have any registration holds and aren’t registered for more than 18 credits.
  3. There may be several people in line ahead of you on the waitlist, so it’s not guaranteed you will get into the class.
  4. Learn more about waitlisting a class.

Language Challenge Exam

If you have returned from a foreign-speaking mission, you may be interested in taking a language challenge exam. By taking and passing one of these exams, you may fulfill some University requirements and get graded credit. In order to take the test, you will need to register for a course first. To learn about the procedure for taking a challenge exam, click Do It.

Pay Tuition

Tuition is due 7 days before the first day of class. If you don’t pay by this date, a hold is placed on your account and you will be unable to register for classes until you pay in full.

The final tuition deadline is the same day as the semester or term add/drop deadline (one week after the first day of classes). If you fail to pay by the final tuition deadline your classes may be dropped. Even if you are waiting for scholarships or financial aid to come in and pay your tuition, you still need to find a way to pay by the deadline.

Tip: If you're waiting for financial aid or scholarships to come in, you may consider a BYU Short-term Loan to help you pay your tuition on time. Click the 'Apply for Short-term Loan' task below for more information.