There are many modes of transportation at BYU including walking, biking, driving or busing to campus.

Personal Vehicle: Make sure you register your personal vehicle for parking here. You can park in one of the three Unpaid/Free lots or choose to pay $60 per semester to park in the "Y" (Undergraduate) or "G" (Graduate) lots. However, there are no fees for Spring and Summer terms. On-campus residents do not need to pay the fees, but do need to register their vehicle. Note: Beginning Fall 2015, BYU implemented new rules and regulations regarding parking. Click here for the announcement made December 2014.

The Ryde: The Ryde is a BYU contracted bus that picks students up from BYU off-campus housing locations and drops them off at the heart of BYU campus. The Ryde runs twice an hour from various locations. The Ryde is free for all students.

Bike: Any bike that is ridden or parked on campus should be registered with a bike license. BYU accepts any Utah County city bike license.Walk: You can walk from one end of BYU to the other in about 20 minutes. BYU tries to be self-contained, providing grocery stores, restaurants, and even dry cleaning on campus. Within minutes, you can walk anywhere you need to be.

BYU CarShare (Enterprise): The BYU CarShare program is designed to help students who don't own a car go anywhere they need, whenever they need. Vehicles are rented for rates as low as $9 per hour*. The rate includes gas, insurance, and 24-hour assistance. *Prices subject to change.

BYU Bike Sharing (for on-campus housing residents): The BYU bike sharing program offers students living in on-campus housing an opportunity to rent a bike for $35 per semester (Fall/Winter) or $20 per term (Spring/Summer). That price also includes a bike lock and maintenance. This is a killer deal and could be a great option for on-campus housing residents looking for a quicker way to get to campus.