Withdrawing means you need to remove yourself from a class or some of your classes after the add/drop deadline. If you withdraw from a class after the add/drop deadline and before the withdraw deadline, a fee will be charged and a 'W' posted to your transcript. Click here for details about withdrawing.

Withdrawing from class(es) may affect your eligibility for financial aid & scholarships. Click here for details about whether or not you will be able to keep your Financial Aid. 

If you are withdrawing from all classes you are registered in, even if you're only registered in only one course, refer to the OneStop Discontinuance Checklist for further instructions.

More info to decide if you want to withdraw from some of your classes or discontinue from all of your classes.

Click the do it button to go to the Register tab in MyMAP. Find the class you want to withdraw from, and click the 'withdraw' button.